Web 3.0 - What is it, and where did web 1.0 and 2.0 go?
Dec 31, 2021
01:00 AM

Web 3.0

The new breed of the internet

Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">Ameer Basheer</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

Web 3.0 aims to be a decentralized version of the virtual world, where users can interact and collaborate intelligently without worrying about the central, data-specific repositories. And to make the web evolution more inclusive and less biased, blockchain technology is the resource to focus on. With blockchain getting into the thick of things, the crypto realm in a few years from now could transform into a more impactful space

Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">Luca Bravo</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

The Future Of Web

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