SolaJump NFT Game is bringing back the classic arcade gaming experience with a brand new twist.
Dec 10, 2021
12:45 AM


SolaJumper NFTs are 10,000 algorithmically generated unique collectibles. Mint your Solajumper NFT for 1.2 SOL, and get 10 lives in the Genesis tournament.

After the tournanament, you can choose to trade your NFT on the secondary market or to keep it and participate in the monthly tournament.

Don't wait and jump in the competition to be one of the winners !

The Genesis tournament will be launched at the end of the mint, 20% of the mint funding will be distributed as the prize pool to reward the players of the GENESIS tournament.

The Genesis tournament will start at the end of the mint and will go on for 48 hours

Jump as high as you can without falling or touching enemies, use powerUps to give you a boost and be in the top 1,000 to be rewarded.

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