Campfire CULTure - creating a balance in branding..
May 11, 2021
05:05 AM

The balance between work and play

It’s at times extremely hard to balance building a brand and doing the things you love. It’s even harder to take the things you love and build a brand around them. It’s a risky venture. You can easily pigeonhole your self. The people you share interest with will fall into one of two categories.

1. Your interest is large and has a large base of people that share interest in this activity.

2. Your interest is small and a small base of people share this activity as a interest.

Clearly the second category isn’t ideal for someone building a brand around something they consider fun but it’s all about what you consider fun right? If you are doing what you love you will succeed no mater what right?? I personally like to invest that energy into my project. In many ways I feel my brand is sort of a unicorn. I’m lucky that my hobby is shared by millions of people around the world but the more the shop is in existence the more I fine that even people who have never spent a night under the stars connect with it. People who have never even seen a adventure sprinter before. Even my new apparel is crossing borders with the fans. i hope things continue on this path:) less of a story and more of a vent today haha but stoked to put it in a mag.

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