FLOSSTRADAMUS presents the First Smokable NFT: revolutionizing the digital crypto space & the way we see art as a medium.
Apr 16, 2021
11:20 AM


The barriers between cyberspace and the physical world are beginning to melt.

In this transitional period, Flosstradamus aims to take NFTs to a new frontier. Intertwining cryptographic technology with euphoria inducing vaporization, Flosstradamus is releasing the World's First Smokable NFT, allowing you to fully experience the art from the inside out.

Flosstradamus, American DJ and musician Curt Cameruci, is credited with launching “trap,” a genre of music marrying dance and hip hop, giving birth to a new era of sound.

For over 12 years, Flosstradamus has toured the world and performed at major festivals. He cultivated his massive fan base, HDYNATION and has made an imprint on pop culture in music, tech and the cannabis industry.


NFTs are now digitizing the art landscape and shifting the way we collect art; merging the forefront of technology and culture. In order to aid in the evolution of humanity, Cameruci saw the opportunity to combine the digital and physical world producing a special treat for art collectors and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

On April 20, 2021, Flosstradamus is releasing his first NFT collection on Rarible. The 3/3 collection includes a digital audio-visual art piece minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as a custom made HDYNATION Electronic Vape. This collection tells the story of a galactic leap into the future of art.


Flosstradamus believes the audience is as much part of the art as the piece itself. There are chances for consumers to unlock other NFTs throughout the entire drop as they take part in and support revolutionary technology and participate in an era bridging audio, visual, tech, and physical items.

Once the highest bidder of the auction wins the NFT, they will receive a physical, Chrome Plated HDY-VAPE. This vape is fully functional for smoking any combination of CBD and THC. Additionally, it doubles as a USB-C harddrive containing another unlockable easter egg NFT, once connected to a computer.

This highly interactive collection is innovating the young NFT world by example through it’s hybrid nature and multi-step experience. On 4/20 there will be a drop party hosted on Clubhouse, where fans and peers can talk directly with Flosstradamus about his iconic genesis collection.


The real world is emerging into the crypto space at an all time high. We are at the precipice of an era where artists are being given complete control over their assets and have the power to decide the worth being attached to what they are creating. Flosstradamus believes that this is a huge part of the story behind what is motivating and driving creators in all niches around the globe to reach out and grasp this revolutionary opportunity and find their place within this ever growing community that is exponentially growing.

Art is a culmination of the story, the creator and the consumer. Flosstradamus has a unique perspective in qualifying this experience for all parties. Flosstradamus believes the user is the biggest part of the story, and he is revolutionizing the role of consumers.

There are endless ways to get high off of this revolutionary movement but none like what you are about to experience. Bypassing the social construct and limitations, the need to bridge physical objects into the digital space inspired and fueled the creation of Flosstradamus’ First Smokeable NFT.

One of the most amazing feelings is to build together, evolve together, and progress - together. Leading by example, Flosstradamus has invented the first digital NFT that will be unlocked by a physical device - a collaborative and authentic experience between himself and his consumers.

Flosstradamus collaborated with Aegis Studio, a blockchain and software development agency and Blunt Action, a multimedia production studio based in NYC to curate this very unique NFT project. Collectively, the team’s goal was to create an immersive experience for the digital landscape to meet the physical world.

We want more than moments. We want the future.




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