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Apr 23, 2021
08:23 PM

Bold Vulnerability

Gabe Weis x Camille Chiang

(Description via OpenSea )

This piece of work is the collaborative effort of artists Gabe Weis and Camille Chiang . It was made in the physical world and transformed in the digital world. This project started as a portrait by Camille of a boy embracing himself. She painted a boy who is seen as strong and handsome by society but who longs to be held as he looks for safety. Sharing a fragment of herself through her portraits, Camille conveys a strong sense of inward fragility that is only seen in these small moments of silence. Fellow Bay Area artist Gabe Weis, then came in with courage and strength, using his signature bold lines, street art aesthetic and multiple faces to paint a picture of a complex man with boldness and confidence. He turns the boy into a man, and shielded him from his insecurities. The hand that rests on his shoulder is one of comfort, and not of fear. The contrasting emotions create a beautiful story of one personality. The 5th NFT in this series will come with an unlockable that is the original physical painting, which is 30 by 40" and on canvas. May you always understand your complexity and never forget to keep your bold vulnerability.

Wanna Feel Better?

Emoneey x Bash.yams

(Description from Foundation )

This piece explores the pervasiveness of the internet and its constant grab for cash while questioning the true value of the time spent on the internet.

This NFT release was created with so much detail that every watch is a new discovery.

2048 × 2048

A collaboration from Em0n33y x Bash.yams

World’s First Smokable NFT


Zero Genesis
Welcome To Earth
Welcome To Earth

On April 20, 2021, Flosstradamus released his first NFT collection on Rarible. The 3/3 collection includes a digital audio-visual art piece minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as a custom made HDYNATION Electronic Vape. This collection tells the story of a galactic leap into the future of art.

Flosstradamus believes the audience is as much part of the art as the piece itself. There are chances for consumers to unlock other NFT’s throughout the entire drop as they take part in and support revolutionary technology and participate in an era bridging audio, visual, tech, and physical items. Once the highest bidder of the auction wins the NFT, they will receive a physical, Chrome Plated HDY-VAPE. This vape is fully functional for smoking any combination of CBD and THC. Additionally, it doubles as a USB-C harddrive containing another unlockable easter egg NFT, once connected to a computer.

This highly interactive collection is innovating the young NFT world by example through it’s hybrid nature and multi-step experience.

Many Faces

Disclosure & Friends

(Description via Nifty Gateway )

Disclosure , Justin Maller, Jordan Harrison and Grif come together for 2 auctions and 1 limited edition!

Children of musicians, makers of bangers, brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence a.k.a. Disclosure. Over the course of the last decade, brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence have honed their craft as producers, musicians & songwriters, headlined countless festivals & iconic venues all over the world, as well as earning a grammy nomination for every album they have ever made. They are largely credited to have been one of the main forces driving House & UK Garage music back into the public consciousness in the 2010s. Collaboration has always been a huge part of Disclosure’s musical path & they are bringing that same philosophy to the visual art world.

Grif is a multidisciplinary visual artist and director, whose work spans the spectrum of sculpture, fine art, and moving image. A renowned figure in the design world, Grif's works have been exhibited globally. From his most recent work on Wiz Khalifa's 'Millions' video, to collaborations with Kanye West, Givenchy, Nike, Apple, Adidas, Grif's work always strives to blend the world of physical and digital art. Winner of PRINT magazines New Visual Artist award in 2015, and ADC Young Guns in 2012. His studio and art practice is located in New York City.

A pioneer in the digital art world, Justin Maller has been creating work at the juncture of avant garde and pop culture since the turn of the century. Maller has had a celebrated career pushing the boundaries of the digital medium as an independent artist. Since founding seminal art collective Depthcore in 2002, he has created work for clients including Nike, Gatorade, The Grammys, Dolby, LG, Jordan and Under Armour. Building on this success, Maller’s groundbreaking, year-long project ‘Facets’ forged an iconic brand cemented in his trademark geometric approach. This style has had a visible and lasting influence on visual art practice around the world. This auction is helping to raise money for organisations working on reforestation, empowering women & rebuilding ecosystems, such as our partners @JustDigIt who are doing fantastic work. We went to Kenya last year to see it in action & it was truly incredible.

Although he originally studied and honed his skills in more traditional mediums of art and design, over the last 4 years Jordan Harrison (jhgfx) had began to fall into the world of 3D design. Teaching himself how to model, texture and illuminate scenes he starting to create more complex 3D artwork and branch out into motion design. His work is heavily influenced by music, usually taking a single scrap or detail from a project or body of work and creating an entire piece around in. 'The iconic Disclosure face was a perfect illustration to bring into the 3D world. Throughout it's history, usually plastered onto the faces of numerous collaborators, I wanted to add another dimension to the band’s decade old ideogram. Experimenting with perspective and dragging the face into different dimensions in 3D space.'

The holder of each auction piece will gain free entry for yourself + 2 guests to all Disclosure shows WORLDWIDE! (Not including festivals).

Earth Day 2021

Anna McNaught

(Description from Instagram )

Happy Earth Day, my friends!! 🌎🌍🌏

I’m an beyond honored that this piece is now a part of 888’s collection. ✨


Life is constantly moving, whether we are there to witness it or not. Life sustains life from the deepest depths of the bluest oceans to the greenest landscapes on every continent. It’s a gift that we cannot take back if we foolishly give it away. It’s up to us to see all life on this planet as the beautiful magic show that it is.

I chose to use a Sea Turtle in this piece because all seven species are currently threatened or endangered. As with many other endangered species on this earth, it’s mostly because of our own doing. When we protect what we love and respect all living things, we’re able to thrive as a whole and preserve life on this planet for generations to come.


I’m so happy to be donating half of the profits from this sale to @pangeaseed to conserve and protect our oceans and wildlife.

28 artists have come together to share our art in partnership with @pangeaseed Foundation for Earth Day. This piece is still available as a 20/20 still image on @kalamint_io 😍 visit to see all the other talented artist’s work and help contribute to this cause 💙

Super Rare Busts

JR Artspace aka Jonathan Foley

Character: Father Rutledge
Character: Father Rutledge

(Description from Instagram )

| Super Rare Busts | is JR’s first collectible NFT series of reinterpreted ancient bust sculptures adapted for post-contemporary collections.

5 collectible artworks will be released every week, Monday through Friday at 6pm EST. Of the 5 art works released during the week, 4 will be common (Edition to 3) and 1 will be Rare (Edition to 1). Rare works feature a dynamic, nifty background with unique, unlockable content! Each Character has its own unique name and backstory!

Collectors completing a “Set” of 4 Common busts will be gifted a monochrome, all-Black Bust distinct from the collection that can not be purchased. Elite collectors who manage to accumulate a family of 4 Rare busts win the ability to turn anyone (including themselves) into a Bust artwork, created by myself in collaboration.

Character stories written by: @judeaz_

Character: Ridere
Character: Ridere
Character: Jude
Character: Jude
Character: Zarabea
Character: Zarabea


Arben Vllasaliu

(Description from Nifty Gateway )

@arbenl1berateme is a passionate visual and 3D artist from Kosovo. He has over ten years of experience in animation and graphic design and started his career working for different leading companies.

72 Names of God NFT Collection

Michaela Lallouz

(Description from Instagram )

💡Mona Lisa revealed herself to me. She told me she had the second code to reveal in the 72 Names Of God NFT Collection.

👾For many years she has been carrying this code, the most powerful one if all...

👁 This name of God is said to have the power to shield us from the destructive boomerang of the evil eye cast our way and the one we cast to others.


Brendan North

(Description from SuperRare )

ΛLMOST HUMΛN: AFTER LIFE // That is to say; after“human” life. Humanity is at a crossroads. A pivotal point inour existence is fast approaching. As our technologyadvances, our planet continues to suffer at the hands of ourdevelopment. Will our technology advance fast enough tosave us from ourselves? Or will it outlive us? This imageevokes a world in which we do not make it, wiped out by an environmental catastrophe of our own design. Our shinychrome creations could very well walk the Earth long afterwe’re gone, searching for purpose as we once did. In honorof Earth Day I will be donating 10% of this sale to Carbon180 ,a climate nonprofit working to create a world that removes more carbon than it emits.

Pascaline Dream 2021


(Description from Instagram )

A meditation on the bond of human and machine, Pascaline Dream reflects on centuries of collaborative, emotional relationships between artist and hardware, each making independent decisions to create a coherent whole.

Digital Painting | Single Edition | 20s | 2000 x 2000

Original score by @philiprugo

This artwork includes elements created by kytGan, a generative adversarial network trained on the first six years of kyttenjanae’s practice and process.

Exclusively on @withfoundation

Collected by @johnorionyoung

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